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Luxury Clay Face Masks

Luxury Clay Face Masks

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Kaolin clay

The kaolin clay benefits list starts with how incredible it is at cleansing the skin.

Kaolin clay's mild nature and pH level are relatively close to the skin's natural pH, making it very effective at removing dirt from the skin's surface.

Pink clay

If you want gorgeous skin but don't have time to go to a beauty salon regularly, rose clay masks are just what you need. Moreover, a pink clay face mask recipe is simple and quick. Check out its plethora of benefits.

Cares for Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin must use beauty products carefully, or else the skin breaks out into rashes and causes severe itching and irritation. A pink clay mask works great for this skin type as it pampers delicate skin texture and nurtures from deep within.

Green clay

Green clay gently cleans and decongests the skin. It is a natural exfoliant and stimulant, and also works as a pore-tightening toner. Regular use can rebalance, soften and brighten the skin to improve overall complexion.

As green clay imbues the skin with restorative, organic minerals, all skin types can benefit from using it. However, the absorbent and detoxifying properties of green clay make it especially suitable for skin that is oily, or prone to imperfections.

Red clay

1. Red clay is most often used in body and hair care. It purifies the scalp and combats circulation concerns, cellulite and fluid retention due to its high iron oxide content. Red clay stimulates the regeneration process of the skin.

2. Yellow clay is rich in magnesium and iron. It is used as a stimulating and refreshing treatment. Yellow clay supplies the skin with oxygen thanks to its high-water content. Ideal for dry skin types, as well as oily and acne-prone skin.

As well as drawing out dirt and toxins, activated charcoal can also draw out oil from your skin. This means that less oil is built up and your skin can perform better at combating breakouts.

Another benefit is that activated charcoal creates a mattified effect, as opposed to the shiny effect caused by oily skin. As a result, activated charcoal will leave your skin appearing clearer and less shiny.

Simply add equal parts water to clay powder, mix and apply.

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