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Wax melt sample boxes

Wax melt sample boxes

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Introducing our Sample Box Collection, featuring 6 amazing wax melt sample boxes. Each box is carefully curated to bring you the best scents and experiences. Let's take a look at what's inside each box:

The Laundry Collection

Experience the fresh, clean scent of freshly laundered clothes with our Laundry Collection. This box is perfect for those who love the crisp, comforting aroma of clean linens.

The Marshmallow Collection

Indulge in the sweet, sugary goodness of marshmallows with our Marshmallow Collection. This box is a delightful treat for anyone who enjoys the cosy, sweet scent of marshmallows.

The Odour Neutralising Collection

Say goodbye to unwanted odours with our Odour Neutralising Collection. This box is designed to freshen up your space and eliminate any unpleasant smells, leaving behind a clean, inviting atmosphere.

The Forest & Marine Therapy Collection

When we smell, the aroma binds to the many receptors located inside our nose, sending electrical signals to the brain. 75% of our emotions are triggered by smell alone, and your sense of smell is most closely linked to the part of your brain responsible for emotional and memory processing, producing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This gives scent the power to spark vivid memories and modulate your mood. Mood Therapy uses this knowledge to blend neuroscientific measurement techniques with perfumery expertise, allowing us to offer real emotional benefits. Our Mood Therapy solutions are tailormade to our requests and backed by a Certificate of Technology Compliance.

The Fruity and sweet Collection

The refreshing scent of fruits your nose is likely to get hit with the scents of peach, mango, blueberry passion fruit, among others.

The Perfume / EDT Collection

Inspired by your favourite perfume and aftershave scents test out our collection of scents of with this luxury smelling sample box.


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